The Czech company NEWTE spol. s r. o. was established in the year 1991, namely as the successor of several small and independently acting private firms. Since the beginning the staff of company’s NEWTE spol. s r. o. always tried to apply the modern methods and trends, not only within the development and manufacturing of products, but also in the field of management.

The company’s NEWTE spol. s r. o. principal activity is to solve problems in the field of industrial machines and technologies, including the designing and subsequent implementation. From this field, the other activities are derived as follows:

Electric switchboards

Development and manufacturing of the electric switchboards for automation as well as for the instrumentation & control

Single-purpose machinery

Development and manufacturing of the single-purpose machinery and appliances

Electronic modules

Development and manufacturing of the electronic modules and appliances

Application software

Creation of the application software for PLC, PCs and microprocessors

Automation engineering

Sale of goods associated with the automation engineering

The company NEWTE spol. s r. o. provides for complex services within all areas, starting with the design and project, with subsequent manufacturing, testing, and bringing into operation, and finally with the training of the user. All products are designed in order to obtain high operational reliability, and during the manufacturing, all products are subject to tests and careful checking.

The last trend in the company’s NEWTE spol. s r. o. activities is the focusing to the integration of the optics and electronics within the design and manufacturing of the measuring and control appliances. The manufacturing of the up-to-date products requires the uncompromising inspection and checking during all production phases, using the modern methods of the checking and diagnostics. And right here is the field whereon the company NEWTE spol. s r. o. endeavours to retrieve the place for company’s activities and technical solutions.