Production of electric switchboards for machinery and production lines, eventually for instrumentation and control.

This activity includes design, development, and manufacturing of the electric switchboards according the customer’s submission, namely including installation of the instruments, wiring, activation, and (if appropriate) the creation of the application software for PLCs, industrial PCs, or the operator’s consoles. For the manufacturing, the components of well-proven producers (especially Schneider Electric, ABB, Rittal, Yaskawa, B&R… are used. Some instruments require special assembly or setup – here we are ready to ensure such services for our customers. Our technicians will perform all necessary works with high-quality – namely including all necessary documentation.

Development and production of electronic modules and devices.

Based on experiences and demands of the switchboard’s manufacturers, the series of electronic modules for particular use was designed and now is manufactured – starting with the power supply units and signal value transducers up to interconnecting and relay modules. These electronic modules are offered and sold via our E-Shop. Moreover, we also produce the user-tailored electronic modules for the single-purpose machines and appliances. Such solutions are designed and manufactured according to the particular customer’s requirements, namely including the application software for PLCs. In this area the successful projects of control units for lift doors and PET-bottles press may be mentioned…

Sales of goods made in automation technology.

We are also engaged in sales of goods for automation technologies – the switchgear cabinets, electric instruments, frequency converters, sensors, counters, control relays, pneumatic components, and so on. Following the inquiry, we also provide for delivery of spare parts for machinery and production lines. Some of the spare parts are no more available in the market today – here we can help to find suitable substitution or the equivalent technical solution.