Machine for cutting of belts
The sophisticated appliance for automatic cutting of the flat belts from semi-products.

The Beltcutter 2 presents an up-to date machine for the automatic cutting of both the flat and toothed belts from one semi-product. The machine makes it possible to cut the belts with various widths in accordance with the requirements, thus there is no necessity to store great number of belts with various width and only the semi-products with given circumferences and belt sections are to be stored. The semi-product having the width of maximum 500 millimetres and the circumference of maximum 2500 millimetres will be put onto the driving and tensioning roller of the machine, and after being aligned against one stopper the semi-product will be tensioned pneumatically. The machine’s master drive rotates the driving roller that drifts the tensioned semi-product. By means of one stepping motor, a circular-type knife is protruded against the driving roller being coated by the protective rubber layer; this knife will cut the belt with the required width from the semi-product. The number and width of belts may be set up, and the machine will cut the determined number of belts completely automatically. The machine Beltcutter 2 makes it possible to cut the belts with guaranteed repeatability.

The Beltcutter 2 is has the sturdy basic frame welded from the sectional steel. In the upper part of this frame there are guiding rails whereon the auxiliary frame moves, bearing the tensioning roller as well as the latching device tensioning the semi-product. This auxiliary frame with the tensioning roller is shifted by means of the pneumatic cylinder, which is assembled into the machine’s frame. In the front upper part of the basic frame, there is fixed the master drive that rotates the exchangeable driving roller, and from the forefront the guiding rails are fixed. By means of one ball screw, the circular-type knife’s holder moves onto these guiding rails along the driving roller, and always when it reaches the required width of the belt, the circular-type knife is protrudes forward and cuts the belt from the semi-product. Below the guiding rails whereon the circular-type knife’s holder moves, there is an electric switchboard with the control system fixed to the machine’s frame.

The control panel is equipped with 5.7″ LCD touch-screen, which displays the user-friendly interface of the application software, which provides for control of the complete machine.

Using the LCD touch-screen of the control panel, the operator will enter the technical data concerning the semi-product being cut (thickness and circumference of the belt) and set up the rotating speed of driving roller. Afterwards, the operator will set up the required width and the number of belts with the given width which should be cut from the semi-product. Subsequently, the operator will put the semi-product onto the driving and tensioning roller of the machine, and then he will secure the end of the driving roller’s spindle into the carrier. Afterwards he will start the pneumatic tensioning of the semi-product. As soon as the semi-product is tensioned, the operator will start the master drive and select the operational mode i.e. Automatic or Manual cutting. Within the Automatic mode the machine cuts automatically the required number of belts from the semi-product. Afterwards the set-up number of the belts is cut, the machine will retract the cutter into the home position, the master drive goes off, and the completion of the cutting cycle will be indicated.